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About Us



  • We’re honest and will always tell you if your appliance cannot be repaired cost-effectively
  • We’re reliable and will stick to our appointment
  • Our prices  are reasonable and fixed for the labour elements and there is no call-out charge.  We charge a fixed fee for our labour, no matter how many times we have to come out for the same fault, only adding the cost for any parts on top of that and you only pay at the end of a repair. 
  • Over 90% of repairs are completed on the first visit  
  • We’re approachable and happy to answer any questions you have or to offer some advice on keeping your appliance in tip-top shape 
  • Our coverage  across Medway, Maidstone and  Sittingbourne is extensive so we are sure we have a team close to you



We look at each job as a new puzzle, something to decipher and get to the bottom of before building back up into a working appliance. The first step will be a phone call (usually, although it can be an email of course) which gives us a  chance to find out more about the appliance and what it’s doing (or not doing as the case may be). Our many years of experience give us the knowledge to determine more often than not what has been the likely cause of the breakdown. This consultation is free and you are not charged. Assuming we think that it’s something that can be fixed (it is most of the time!) we will arrange an appointment. Most of the time that can be either on the same or the next day.   We work Mondays to Fridays and Saturday mornings and our first appointment is at 7.30am, so even if you need to get to work we can find a time to suit your schedule. We will always allocate you a morning or afternoon slot (so you’re not hanging around waiting all day) and call you before we come round, just in case you’ve popped out to run an errand. 


 The early days

So we set up Appliance Services, focusing on domestic electrical appliances and giving our customers a good alternative to ‘discard and replace’. Word of mouth spread the news about us quite quickly and we began to build up a reputation for honesty, integrity, and getting things fixed! Our philosophy of working is to be honest with our clients and where we feel that an appliance cannot be fixed, we will let them know.  

How things are today 

In terms of how we work, they are no different. What has changed is that appliances have evolved and become more complex which is often used as a reason for manufacturers to recommend replacement rather than repair. Our knowledge has also evolved though and we can fix an appliance today just as we could in the early days. Appliances may have become a little more complex, but they still run on motors and timers and they will still leak, stick, and develop faults. And just as we did then, we apply the same values today and let our clients know if we think something is broken beyond repair or if it is not cost-effective to fix. We may have been doing this for nearly 40 years, but we still get the same kick out of turning on an appliance and finding that our repair has done the job so that it’s working again.